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The Lords of Mytheria is a joint collaboration between Schuyler Hernstrom and artist Ryan Dirks. It is a wild science fantasy comic book inspired by the comics and cartoons of their youth. Bold, heroic, and bizarre; Lords of Mytheria will be exploding on the scene summer 2022. 

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Schuyler’s work takes the reader across strange and sweeping landscapes of adventure and fantasy. Life and death, blood and desire. The primal drive is what motivates the classic barbarians, rogues, and savage beasts that reside within his pages. Fans of Vance and Howard won’t be disappointed.  

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Comics, paperback covers and game illustrations captivated a generation of kids growing up in the 70s and 80s. Schuyler is part of a generation that loved crazy images of monsters and barbarians. Those images and his own father’s work as a graphic designer influenced Schuyler from an early age. 

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