Author and Artist

Sword and Sorcery, Science Fiction


Schuyler Hernstrom is a writer of fantastic fiction. He is known for stories that seem to belong to other times. Named after P. Schuyler Miller, who was a family friend, he is proud to call writers from the bygone age of fantasy and science fiction as influences.

Sky spent a great deal of his youth reading and rereading the works of Jack Vance and Robert E. Howard. After two enlistments, including the navy and the army, an education, and many years abroad he finally found himself ready to make his own contribution to his favorite genres, fantasy and science fiction.

His work reflects his love of the written word as well as an abiding interest in the weird and spectacular. He has been a paratrooper, sailor, janitor, bouncer, librarian, and a dozen other things, bringing a world wise slant to his tales of the fantastic. If you enjoy your bloody action couched in graceful prose and tinted with sadness for lost epochs, then perhaps you will enjoy his work.

Sky lives in Pittsburgh with his wife and children.