About Sky’s Writing 

Sky has had writing appear in Cirsova Magazine, LORE Magazine, Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, and in a self published collection, Thune’s Vision. Additionally, The short fable The Law of Wolves, and the novella Mortu and Kyrus and the White City were originally self published. Sky’s stories from Cirsova as well as the self-published novellas are collected in the Eye of Sounnu, available from DMR Books. The second Mortu and Kyrus story, The Judgement of Daganha, is available in the anthology The Penultimate Men from Pilum Press. 


Upcoming Work

  • Sky and artist Ryan Dirks are working on a project of heroic proportions. The Lords of Mytheria is a comic influenced by the fantasy films and cartoons of the 80’s.  Look for it later this year. 
  • Sky has also been working with Pilum Press on a re-release of Thune’s Vision through the Kickstarter platform. Look for their campaign this April. The second edition will include new and previously unpublished material. 
  • The third installment of Mortu and Kyrus will be appearing in 2022.


Thune’s Vision (2016)

The Eye of Sounnu (2020)

Short Story Series

Mortu and Kyrus in the White City (2019)

Mortu and Kyrus and the Judgment of Daganha (2020)


The Penultimate Men (2020)

List of Published Stories 

The Palace of the Androgyne (2014)

The Challenger’s Garland (2014)

The Gift of the Ob-Men (2016)

Athan and the Priestess (2016)

The Ecology of the Unicorn (2016)

The Movements of the Ige (2016)

The Saga of  Adalwolf (2016)

Images of the Goddess (2016)

The Space Witch (2016)

The First American (2017)

The Star-God’s Grave (2019)

Mortu and Kyrus in the White City (2019)

The Law of the Wolves (2020)

The Tragedy of Thurn (2020)

Mission 21 (2020)

Mortu and Kyrus and the Judgment of Daganha (2020)